Beliefs at 55 (draft)


That being alone is not the same as being lonely.

That the idea of a dog is better than actually having one.

That there are no coincidences.

That it’s fine to drink bourbon on ice, but not scotch.

That Judaism is not a religion just an aspiration to abandon idolatry.

That there is still beauty but you have to work harder to find it.

That I’m not irritating, just full of helpful tips on how to do it right.

That driving a car with an automatic transmission is a kind of moral failure.

That you still need a watch and a watch doesn’t need a battery.

That pens should be filled when dry not thrown in the trash.

That you shouldn’t look at your phone when lunching with a friend.

That when the metric system is law, you can still walk a mile in my shoes.

That I would pay more taxes so that poor people could get their teeth fixed.

That the grave’s a fine and private place.

That we are all idolaters.

That God gave us coffee so we’d love morning.

That I’ll be dead before the really bad stuff happens.

That I want you to be happy.

That it’s all a coincidence.

That love is a delusion

and the only thing that matters.